Ripping Lips in the Land of the Lost

Imagine, you have an invitation to join a (semi)exclusive fishing trip, to a truly remote location, within a six-hour drive from your home. The destination has limited access because of its geography and has propensity to become completely inaccessible during any foul weather. It is not widely known but local lore speaks of spectacular catches. … Continue reading Ripping Lips in the Land of the Lost

In Search of the Elders

The earth was re-awakening 11,500 years ago. The 10th millennium BC marked the end of the Pleistocene epoch and the beginning of the Holocene. The world’s population of humans was less than ten million people, most of which were hunter-gatherers. Some pockets of Egypt, Jordan, Kurdistan, and Persia demonstrated evidence of harvest but widespread cultivation … Continue reading In Search of the Elders