Impressions: Adventure Van Expo II

It will seem geeky, but I’ve been excited about the return of A.V.E. to Tahoe all summer. A.V.E. has grown into an expo series. In 2019 there had been three previous expos in Dillon, CO, Big Bear, and Mount Hood. It has caught the attention of some very well-respected publications in the overland community. Now … Continue reading Impressions: Adventure Van Expo II

Impressions: The Overland Expo West 2019

This year’s Overland Expo West appears to have surprised a few folks. This was our third year in attendance.  We arrived in Flagstaff with mixed expectations. There are several reviews published so far praising the event. Here are our thoughts. A year ago, Danny and I rolled out of the OEW-18 with an assorted bag … Continue reading Impressions: The Overland Expo West 2019